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Michelle Davies Osteo & Cranial Osteo

Michelle Davies

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Michelle Davies BSc (Hons) Ost 

Please note Michelle Davies currently practices under a new professional title instead of Registered Osteopath.  As of 1st October 2021 Michelle will not be marketing herself as an osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council or claim to be an osteopath under the terms of the Osteopaths Act 1993.  Her work will continue exactly the same delivering the highest standards of care, professionalism and most excellent results in healing.


"I know whatever it is you do, whaver you decide to name it !! IT DEFINITELY WORKS" Arron 7th October 2021


The Osteopaths Act does not restrict osteopathic techniques or osteopathic care so her patient care built on 24 years’ experience will continue.


In 2021 Michelle made a Corruption Claim against various officers employed by The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and Advertsing Standards Agency. It did not get a complaint process. Instead it got retaliation in the form of a professional fitness investigation fraud and 2 months interim suspension order on the 1st October 2021. The GOsC have received service of the conflict disqualification declaration claim + interim remedy stay application and chosen to ignore them. They ignored a conflict disqualification fraud case dismissal application. The Profession Governance Fruad Remedy Case continues. Michelle has offered use of her case for a Royal Commisssion and is seeking remedy through the Courts.  


Michelle has practised Osteopathy, and Cranial Osteopathy, for nearly three decades, Michelle works with all ages; from 2 days young to the elderly, using a variety of Osteopathic techniques to facilitate the healing of a majority of symptoms from head to toe.  Michelle uses clinical methods to assess, diagnose and screen for pathology, detect inflammation, retained injury and restriction in the body and then applies hands on techniques to treat the cause of the suffering.



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Ilustrated with over 75 testimonials over 24 years




I write in support of Michelle Davies, primarily in my capacity as a long-standing patient but also as someone who has known her family for 40 years.  

I have been a regular patient of Michelle’s for about 7 years. Over the years, I have been treated by several osteopaths and chiropractors, in this country and abroad, and she is by far the best.  Her treatments are gentle, yet their effect is quite dramatic, long lasting as well as cumulative.  Her manner is consistently very professional, which promotes confidence in her skills.  I have never seen any evidence whatsoever of her mental state being anything other than perfectly normal and stable.   In addition,  having known her mother since Michelle was a very young girl, I know of nothing in Michelle’s history which should be of concern to her professional association.   She is a credit to her profession.  Justice of the Peace  September 2021


Thank you for supporting my patients over the last 10 years to better health in prehabilitation and rehabilitation. We are very grateful for your professional approach and excellent results.  We have had excellent patient feedback and communication from you with personalised care for each patient. We value your excellent service and support. Orthopaedic Surgeon September 2021


Character Reference for Michelle Lisa Davies, Osteopath. 

I have known Michelle Lisa Davies for approximately 7 years. I would consider her a friend.  I have been treatment by her in her professional capacity as an Osteopath and I have also recommended her to colleagues, friends and family. 

In my work capacity our paths have also crossed on several occasions as fellow Allied Health Professionals.  In my opinion, Michelle is a proficient and knowledgeable Osteopath.  Michelle has vast experience and I always value her opinion when we encounter each other professionally, I have no cause to question her moral maturity with her knowledge base. 

I consider Michelle to have emotional intelligence, not only as a friend but also in her professional capacity. I would not hesitate in recommending her as an Osteopath, treating patients to relieve pain, reduce distress and improve their self-care. Consultant Radiographer September 2021


I can say is that both my wife and I (and in particular my wife) have used your professional services as an osteopath for many years. We have found you to be a professional and effective osteopath in addressing our needs. We have also recommended you to others who, we understand from them, have been satisfied with your services. We have never had any reason to doubt your integrity or honesty. Senior Barrister Sepember 2021


I confirm that I have previously been a patient of Michelle Davies and had treatment under her the last of which was in November 2019. She has since offered me advice with respect to my back. From my dealing with her I confirm that she appeared to be a credible citizen in regards to both emotional and moral maturity. Doctor Sepember 2021


I am writing in response to the news that the status of Michelle Davies as Osteopath in Worcester is in jeopardy. My understanding is that this is due to a discretionary decision. As a former head teacher, school inspector, recruitment support for school governors and head teacher development officer for Birmingham Local Authority, I have strong credentials in assessing professional credibility. 

Michelle Davies is one of the most effective health professionals I have used and one of the kindest, most generous people I know.  Due to her treatment of my injured sacrum joint, she rapidly diagnosed and rectified the problem other health professional had failed to do. Not only did her treatment and advice alleviate the extreme pain I was in but also allowed me to return to work in a relatively short time and reduced my need for sick leave. 

I have since recommended others to her and they in turn have experienced rapid recovery from traumatic skeletal injuries and conditions.  As soon as I stepped into her surgery I felt positive and her manner helpful and reassuring. I was totally relaxed and confident on her treatment table. The whole environment is spotlessly clean, bright and airy. I would not go anywhere else should I have the misfortune to have a problem in the future and could not wholeheartedly recommend anyone else. 

Please reassure me that this extremely competent health professional will keep her status of Osteopath. Many people in the city of Worcester, including myself, rely on her to maintain and promote our fitness and health function. Former Headteacher  Sepember 2021


Michelle Davies, Osteopath has been treating my family & I for over 10 years and we have always found her to be both professional & holistic in her treatments at all times.  Michelle is always welcoming & accommodating treating us all with not only respect but empathy. Michelle is passionate about the care she offers & follows up the outcome of her treatments.  It is difficult to put into words the positive impact that Michelle has had on the health & wellbeing of my family. We will be eternally grateful for this.  We are very hopeful that she is able to continue practicing within a profession that she is clearly dedicated to. Midwife  September 2021


My Health Visitor recommended Michelle Davies 12 years ago and since that time I have continued to have treatment on a regular basis along with my Husband, Son and Daughter valuing her professionalism, patient rapport and wealth of knowledge.

Over the years I have recommended her services to many people both on a personal level and in a professional capacity and as a result Michelle has helped countless of my family members, colleagues, friends, and families I work with.  Their feedback has always been positive, most commenting that they are extremely grateful that Michelle was able to identify the problem and improvements had been recognised.

Michelle has the ability to listen, understand people’s needs and communicate on different levels to all age ranges. She is passionate about patients physical and mental wellbeing and offers advice and information to support them in their approach to set healthy goals, manage stress levels and maintain a positive outlook.

When Michelle offers suggestions that may benefit or aid recovery, she always advocates to research the information in order to make an informed choice.

Michelle is approachable, reliable, consistent in her approach, empathetic, supportive, calm reassuring, respectful, professional and passionate.

Michelle would not have enabled patients to enrich their mental and physical well-being if she did not portray emotional and moral maturity.

Michelle Community Health Connector


Dear Mr Javid Secretary for Health and Social Care of the UK

I am writing to express my wife and my full support for Micelle Davies. 
We have been seeing Ms. Davies for over 15 years and she has been the most gifted and knowledgable Osteopath who we have implicit trust with.
We were deeply concerned at allegations levied against her, which are completely incorrect and unjustified. She is and will continue to be an amazing professional who is 100% fit to carryout her role, moreover, she has helped our community all her life and she must be allowed to continue with her practice and we therefore seek your support for Ms. Davies in this case. Stephen BSc AMILM November 2021


Mr Robin Walker MP ..... (extract) ..."the speed by which this corrosion is happening is rapid and hitting our own city of Worcester like an earthquake as seen in the absurd behaviour of the General Osteopathic Council and their treatment of our citizen Michelle Davies, osteopath. I understand that they are attempting to unlawfully and without reason, remove her status to practice.

I have known Michelle Davies for seventeen years as neighbour, friend and my health care professional. All she does is in service to others and her work as osteopath has helped your constituents immeasurably; alleviating chronic pain, rehabilitating people back to employment and generally improving the lives of hundreds of Worcester citizens. The impact of her work has led to her solid reputation throughout the city. As a former head teacher and school inspector I have credentials to judge the quality of professional practice. Michelle Davies is one of the most competent, principled and kindest people I know.

I implore you and your team to look into this matter and work with urgency to prevent Michelle Davis from losing her right to practice osteopathy". November 2021




I have been struggling with pain in hands linked to possible nerve impingements in the neck and despite having diagnostics (examination, MRI, blood tests etc) and physio treatment in Nottingham where I am based, I was not recovering as expected. This, together with the delays due to Covid in seeing specialists, led to me conduct my own research.

I first contacted Ms. Davies after discovering her on the Worcester Osteopath website where she is clearly presented and backed by many positive testimonials. Following communications, I was immediately comforted and reassured by Ms. Davies after she had seen my test results and we discussed my symptoms. Every medical term was explained with patience in clear, understandable words. I did not feel in any way feel overwhelmed and was at complete ease in asking questions several times for reassurance.

Ms. Davies suggested a possible symptom of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome TOS which could be exhibit nerve tingling in both hands and offered to see me which of course meant that I had to travel – a 160-mile round trip. Given the distance Ms. Davies was extremely flexible as far as timings and kindly saw me on a Friday, a day she does not see patients. This extolled great empathetic character and professionalism in putting a patient in need first. 

I decided to have a thorough examination with Ms. Davies which proved that indeed TOS was a key contributing factor. I realised this detailed examination was above and beyond what I would expect - Ms. Davies clearly wanted to help resolve this and in doing so, helped ease my worries about what the symptoms were not such as arthritis. A treatment plan of postural awareness, exercises and stretches was given, and I am pleased to say I have positive signs of recovery. 

Following treatment, I had the pleasure of a general discussion and I am very impressed with Ms. Davies as a person. Her passion and commitment to help others is abundant and clearly part of who she is as a person of high morals and standing.  Ms. Davis is clearly a successful lady who has dedicated her life to use her healing gifts and I am happy to add my personal testimonial such that others can be reassured in her care.

Ms. Davies maintains communication to check my progress which again is defining of her generous and empathetic character

Nottingham Chartered Electrical & Electronic Engineer. September 2021


I found Michelle very professional and maximising the treatment given to the allocated time Graham - July 2021


Michelle has helped me over and above the call of duty, responding immediately if I have any concerns out of hours.  Her professionalism is second to none and has helped resolve problems I didnt think she could help me with. My level of health has improved vastly. I wouldnt hesitate to endorce or recommend Michelle to anyone. My only regret is that I didnt see her years ago. Clare - July 2021


Michelle has successfully diagnosed and treated a long-term issue. She has given me hope. She provides an excellent safe environment during Covid and is delightful and professional. Sue - July 2021


I had been suffering with ill health for a number of years, regularly getting headaches, IBS and various other physical symptoms, which had manifested from previous trauma. The accumulation of these many symptoms had a hugely adverse effect on my daily life, in turn leading to anxiety and depression, and traditional medical interventions didn’t seem to help. Things came to a head when l was experiencing severe pain in my leg and back and it was then that a friend suggested to my wife that l should make an appointment to see Michelle.  l will be honest, l was more than sceptical and did not really expect a successful outcome.  When l arrived for my first appointment Michelle gave me a warm welcome putting me immediately at ease.  During treatment she explains everything she is doing and is always offering advice and tips for better health and well-being.  l noticed subtle changes after my first two appointments, then following my third treatment my life completely changed. We couldn’t believe the difference in me, Michelle’s healing hands had put me back together, and she had helped with so much more than just leg and back pain, constant headaches and IBS are now a thing of the past!  Deciding to make that first appointment with Michelle was the best decision l ever made. My health is the best it has been in years and l can now look forward to the future.  My wife and l have the greatest respect and admiration for this amazing lady and we cannot praise her enough.  She really is a miracle worker. 
Sincere thanks Michelle!     Colin - March 2021

I have been to see Michelle several times over the past few years, with different problems and have always come away smiling and vastly relieved that she has truly put right the problem and enabled me to  walk or move so much better than when I went to her. She is a lovely person and I thank her for all she has done for me. Sincerely Rosemary Age 81 

We came to see Michelle during the Coronavirus pandemic as we were desperate to find someone to help our 5 week old baby. We felt totally at ease and safe throughout the whole treatment process, Michelle was wearing PPE and made sure everything was cleaned thoroughly before we even came into the room. We were personally very grateful she carried on treating patients throughout the pandemic else our little boy would still be struggling to this day.

We took our 5 week old son to see Michelle for her to examine him as he seemed to be in constant pain and not sleeping, seemingly due to a traumatic birth, she very quickly found a problem with his neck and pelvis, which she then treated, after the first session he was instantly better, he continued to improve as the days went on. After a second session with her he was a completely different baby, happy, relaxed and most importantly had started to sleep better.
I can’t recommend Michelle enough and thank her for working through a scary time for us all, to put the needs of others before herself.
I will definitely stay in touch and may even be back to see her one day if we ever have a problem with our son again,
Brilliant thank you. Becky May 2020 Solihull


Cranial Osteopathic techniques

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Michelle uses cranial techniques to help treat areas of the body that require much lighter touch, such as the head, neck or face pain and conditions that are not amenable to robust interventions, such as post-surgical pain, symptoms that occur after traumas such as road traffic accidents or concussion, and is finding that she uses this very gentle and non invasive treatment more and more in her practise on a daily basis. 


What is a Cranial technique?


It is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment increasingly recognised for the depth of its influence, the comprehensive range of its therapeutic effects and its ability to resolve issues that are not helped by other means.

What is involved


Osteopathic techniques are the philosophy of healthcare focused on the musculo-skeletal system and the way in which this interrelates with the body as a whole. It is a philosophy, science and an art, and a way of understanding, measuring and detecting dysfunction within the body and that, which is compromising health.

We are like detectives, searching the body mechanics for clues and collaborating the findings to create understanding to the answer to suffering. We use our hands on the accessible parts of the body to reach the healing potential inside and access the innermost system of healing within the interstitial fluids, connective tissue, nervous system and circulatory system and aid the communication between the sum of these parts.